Sr. Azmi Hassan

Azmi Hassan is a Geo-Strategist interested in current issues. He combines his expertise in Geomatics, Geospatial, and International Relations (IR) when evaluating a case so that the findings lead to more meaningful solutions. Azmi also adheres to the concept that the formulation of a policy must go through an analysis process from a social, scientific, technological, and legal point of view. He also often implements consulting projects in aerospace and public policy. One of his projects is forming an industrial training policy for the Ministry of Higher Education, which the relevant ministry uses. International media such as CGTN Beijing, Sky News UK, Al Jazeera, WION New Delhi, and Channel Four UK often use Azmi’s opinion on current issues. He also writes opinion columns for local media such as The New Straits Times, The SUN Daily, Berita Harian, and Utusan Malaysia.